Belgrade City Cruise -What Tourism means to us

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People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it

As Belgrade City Cruise has entered its 13th season in Belgrade, we’d like to define who we are and what Tourism means to us, as we strive to elevate the business into new heights of Belgrade Tourism.

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Why we’re here?

We all live in a time where alienation plays a frighteningly huge role in our lives. A sense of belonging to a community, family or group has been marginalized. Thus we as people find it exceptionally hard to find real, lasting and meaningful connections. We all strive towards achieving these material goals in order to be happy. As many come to realize too late, that “happiness” is futile. We’ve come to this realization as well and in order to change this trend, we decided to take action. We believe that together we can change, change ourselves and influence more people to go towards real happiness. The happiness that we’re striving towards is one of connection. Real inter-human connection, without boundaries or prejudice. As ridiculous as it may sound, happiness lies precisely there, in feeling human and building bonds with each other.

How we go about it?

Tourism…there is no better place to implement such an idea. The idea of togetherness. Because of that, we started organizing sightseeing cruises. Simple, right? But what makes it stand out is that we don’t go for commercial tours, just to show you our City from the River. That’s not the point. What is though, is the fact that on the cruise you’re capable of experiencing this collision of worlds. Worlds of nature and man-made treasures. In such humbling moments, you feel more human, and we’re there with you every step of the way. Wanting to meet you and your culture and provide you an insight into ours.

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What we’re offering exactly?

To put it simply- sightseeing cruises on the magnificent rivers of Belgrade. They made us fall in love with their power and beauty 13 years ago, and they still hold us captive. We’d like to share these feelings with you in order to give them back the respect they deserve. We only ask you to come to us with an open heart and feel as much as you can. It brings us tremendous joy to see you enjoying yourself and connecting with both us and people from all over the world who are on the same quest. The quest to feeling human once again.

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